YAMAHA Silent Guitar

Nylonsaiten Model

YAMAHA Silent Guitar SLG200NW
Mit ihrer traditionellen Halsform und einem Echtholz-Rahmen (Palisander/Ahorn) spielt sich die SLG200NW wie eine echte klassische Gitarre. Das edle Griffbrett aus Ebenholz intensiviert den definierten, klaren Klang des Instruments. Und das N ... (mehr lesen)
CHF 846.00 2
YAMAHA Silent Guitar SLG200N
Inspired by traditional classical guitar design, the SLG200N features a slim neck, thin body, and low action that lets players adopt a more aggressive style, allowing even those players who wouldn't normally choose to perform with a classica ... (mehr lesen)
CHF 846.00 2

Stahlsaiten Model

YAMAHA Silent Guitar SLG200S
The neck shape and 634mm scale length of the SLG200S continue the design legacy of conventional acoustic guitars, while its ultra-slim body is perfect for players of both acoustic and electric instruments.   *Zahlung via PostFi ... (mehr lesen)
CHF 846.00 2