Opal Cello Strings

Swiss quality made by For-Tune

Opal Titan Cello 4/4


OPAL TITAN CELLO strings are a brand new creation that allow cello players to reproduce the real sound of the best instruments. 

OPAL TITAN CELLO strings are the result of a cutting-edge technology that allows to combine the most precise and accurate synthesis of materials, some of them never used before in strings.
With OPAL TITAN CELLO strings the sound that the Master Luthiers imagined for their instruments becomes a reality.


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Opal Gold Cello 4/4


Thanks to the innovative twin X-core, the sound of OPAL GOLD CELLO strings is as warm as that of gut strings, with a range of overtones that provides the freedom to create your own sound.

With a fast reaction, clear articulation, and powerful volume, OPAL GOLD CELLO strings empower you and your instrument to be always at your best.

The whole set of OPAL GOLD CELLO strings is perfectly balanced. No more string combinations needed.

The G & C have 2 steel cores, each wrapped in opposite directions giving strength, flexibility, and the feeling of lower tension when in fact it is higher. This gives a clear, brilliant sound but with the warmth of gut, and ensures a perfect match with the A & D making a perfectly balanced set. 


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